Thursday, October 9, 2014

2014 summer/early fall progress update

Ok, so I figured I should update my progress since I haven't added anything for the past few months, been busy with the day job and working on the house before and after work. Its been great having the new electrical service thats for sure! Even though I use alot of battery powered saws and drills i'm constantly recharging the batteries so its great throwing one in the charger while using the others, before having the electricity I was pretty much shut down when the batteries were all dead! 
I'm very happy to say that the foundation for the addition is complete!!! Many days of back pain from bending over mixing countless bags of concrete was not the best time of my life thats for sure. The addition is 38 x 16. I added a 8x16 space you'll see in the pictures that extends out from the driveway side of the house, this will be a single level bump-out which will serve as the side entrance/mudroom and kitchen pantry. 
Now its on to the fun part of framing! And I couldn't wait to get started! I've laid out all the joists for the first floor over the past week. Now i'm working on insulating between joists on the foundation sills using foam board scraps I picked up from a big commercial job site, some sort of sips (structural insulated panels) they have a 3/4 plywood glued to 2" foam with some sort of fiberglass facing like a wallpaper sort of material. They were throwing out a ton of huge scraps so I of course loaded my truck as full as I could! I'm using 3 pieces cut to fit between joists, will share a pic of that as well. 
I also got my 12x16 shed almost complete, just need to put siding on one side and finish a little on another, just didn't want to put off the house work any longer so the shed is on the back burner right now. On to the pics ...

The shed, I salvaged tin roofing from an old victorian that was being re-roofed, that stuff was a major pain to put back together, trying to get all the tins to fit back togerther after all the joints were bent from being removed from the original house, but its done and freshly painted now and it saved me some cash! The siding I used was the original siding from the house, which I stripped all the old paint off and gave a fresh coat of oil primer, its nice old siding, 8" wide and 3/4 thick!

Yes that sad looking useless tarp will be coming down as soon as I have plywood down on the floor 

Insulating between joists on sill...

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  1. Wow Jason, looking good! I can't wait to see the finished project and the inside. You should feel so proud of all your hard work right now. ��