Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November house addition update

Ok, well its been a crazy hectic month between the day job, side jobs and trying to keep progress moving on the house addition before the cold weather really sets in!! But things are looking pretty good, the addition is all framed! The roof was a stressful project, cutting into the old roof to tie in the new roof and then get it all done before any big rain or snow storms, and mother nature worked with me pretty well, got it all sealed up before any nasty weather. The roof has the osb decking down and  tar paper laid out and its all been covered with tarps for the winter, hopefully sometime in the spring I can finish the roof, getting cold and the materials are way out of my budget!
So now I'm on to getting the side walls sealed up with osb sheathing so that I can hopefully get it all enclosed and do some work inside this winter.

1st floor walls going up

setting 2nd floor floor joists

view on the 2nd floor, floor down and walls going up

View from the back, roof rafters almost all set

osb all down on the roof and tar paper

roof all tarped for the winter

2nd floor small back roof of old house that gets removed now that new roof is water tight

looking out to the addition from old house, standing in bedroom area, addition area to be 2 kids bedrooms on left and master bath and walk-in closets on right


  1. Jason I am so impressed! It is going to be huge!!! You are doing an awesome job for a one man band. You and your wife must be so proud. I love seeing what you have accomplished every time you post. Keep up the hard work. You will all be blessed with a beautiful home to live in soon enough. Have a wonderful holiday season.

  2. Things are looking pretty good, indeed! The progress you’ve made is impressive. How’s the restoration going? I hope you were able to get everything done last year. This colonial cottage would surely look great once it’s fully revamped and refurnished. Good luck with the rest of the renovation!

    Mathew Robinson @ Browns Roofing Company LLC

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