Saturday, August 9, 2014

a month of stressful electrical work...

so for the past month or so i've been busy with my day job as a painter and planning and installing electrical service for the house. After about 6 trips to lowes to buy and/or return supplies I got all the supplies I needed for the service entrance. With the little bit of time I had I slowly chipped away at installing everything- attached the weather head to the service entrance cable and attached it all to the house, connected the cable that runs from the meter box to the interior panel and attached that to the house and with a bit of trial and error (and a few choice words!) got everything connected together, that service entrance cable is tough to work with thats for sure- does not bend with ease! Today I connected the cable that runs from the meter to the panel on the panel end, that was easier than the meter connections! I claimed one outlet install with my permit and made that connection as well. So we are all set for the inspector to come and hopefully tell me I'm all set to call the electric company and get hooked up!!! Heres a few boring pics of the electrical crap, boring to look at or talk about but a huge step for me! Work on the house will be so much easier and i'll be able to run a heater in the winter!

below is the conduit for the ground wire, it can just be a bare wire running out 
but someone suggested this small conduit for a cleaner install, the rocks will be built up 
so the bottom of the conduit will be covered. And I will paint it as well to blend in.



  1. It seems like the hard work paid off for you. I just recently built an extension to my driveway a few months ago. I've been considering what the best way to do the electrical work in there is. I have never been that good at electrical work in my life. I am trying to decide if it would be good for me to actually try to do this work or if I should just hire an electrician to do it.

  2. Doing electrical work really is stressful and can be very annoying. My dad and I tried doing some the other day and it did not go well at all. Sometimes it's worth calling a professional who knows what they are doing and can do the job right.

  3. It was a month of stress, but now you have your electrical system in good working order. I'm sure that relieves a lot of stress and frustration. I really am impressed that you did it yourself. Normally, I just call a professional to help me with my electrical work.

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